The official Registrar in Uganda is the Uganda Muslim Women Civilization Initiative (UMWCI). This is the only agent authorized by UAMA to register attendees for the 11th Annual Meeting and Conference. 

Category of Attendees    Registration Amount
 Adults (18 Years+)  $155.00
 Child(ren)/Youths  $35.00
Please note, registration fees are NOT refundable.

You'll need your passport, an email address, and cash for the registration fees. Once registration is complete, UMWCI will forward your information to UAMA Registration and a receipt with an invitation letter will be sent to the email address you provided during registration. 

Registering while in uganda

To register while in Uganda, please contact Uganda Muslim Women Civilization Initiative (UMWCI) at:

Phone:  0777 990 796 or 0703 042 340
Address: HAM TOWERS/Ham Shopping Mall,
Plot 923, Makerere Hill Road, 4th Floor, Suite 4-01, P.O.Box 8303 Kampala, Uganda

Registering Someone in Uganda

To register someone

in Uganda, please click below:


Please note: To register someone in Uganda, you must register yourself and that person as your guest. Provide full names and email address of your guest so that UAMA may send them an invitation letter.

APPLY EARLY! UAMA offers a letter of invitation for attendees of the UAMA 10th Annual Meeting and Conference ONLY after registration is complete. The visa letter of invitation, though not required for the visa application, can assist as a supporting document. Present this letter of invitation from UAMA to the consular officer during the visa interview. Note: This letter by no means guarantees admittance, but can provide compelling evidence for immigration officials to consider. Please note that UAMA cannot intervene with any embassy on behalf of any attendee.

Registration - Uganda

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