Bismillāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm: "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the most Merciful".

Board Chairman

The Board Chairman of UAMA is the head of the Board of Directors that include the Executive Committee, Chapter Representatives and Members-at-Large.

Br. Ibrahim Magoola, Board Chair
NY~NJ Chapter

Chapter Members-at-Large

Sr. Janat Jingo, Chair - GA Chapter
Br. Yusuf Lubega, Chair - MA Chapter
Br. Bashir Seguya, Chair - NY~NJ Chapter
Br. Mohammed Nsimbe, Chair - Colorado Chapter

Chapter Representatives

Br. Ayub Kaddu, Rep. DC~MD~VA Chapter
Sr. Rehma Muguluma, Rep. MA Chapter
Sr. Janat Nabukenya, Rep. NY~NJ Chapter
Br. Haruna Sekyanzi, Rep. Colorado Chapter

UAMA Executive Committee

Br. Abdul Kimbugwe,

Exec. Chairman - MA Chapter

Br. Imamu Bukenya,
Vice Chairman - DC~MD~VA Chapter

Sis. Zena Mbega,
Secretary - MA Chapter

Br. Musa Mugenyi,
Treasurer - MA Chapter

Hajji Sulaiman Ntege,
Membership Coordinator
DC~MD~VA Chapter

Br. Saleh Nakendo,
Public Relations Officer

Sheikh Umar Tebuseke,
Imam - MA Chapter

UAMA Committees

UAMA's Standing Committees are composed of paid members from all Chapters: Each standing committee may create a subcommittee consisting of one or more members when appropriate. Committees are the backbone of UAMA's programs and everyone is encouraged to join a committee by contacting

Educational Committee

Dr. Jamiiru Lutamaguzi, Other
Br. Uthuman Kintu, NY~NJ
Br. Musa Kagolo, NY~NJ
Sr. Zena Mbega, DC~MD~VA

Professional Committee

Sr. Rehema Namukose, NY~NJ
Br. Imam Bukenya, DC~MD~VA
Br. Muhsin Nsubuga, MA 
Sr. Hadijah Kagolo, NY~NJ

Social&Cultural Committee

Br. Hussein Nkoyoyo, Other
Br. Yusuf Luyombo, DC~MD~VA
Sr. Hasfa Bukenya, DC~MD~VA
Sr. Janat Muwesi, NY~NJ
Sr. Sarah Musa, DC~MD~VA

Women's Committee

Sr. Tanner Mbecha, NY~NJ
Sr. Faridah Lubega, MA
Sr. Hanifa Nakayiw DC~MD~VA
Sr. Aisha Nalongo, MA
Sr. Jalia Magoola, DC~MD~VA
Sr. Ariat Lukomwa, GA
Sr. Samalie Ganya, DC~MD~VA

UAMA Clean Water Program

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